Why Vote?

Voting is a privilege and, today, a right for all. More than that, however, voting is a duty and a responsibility. The very nature of our democracy demands that we actively engage in our political system. Many people argue that the system fails us and does not properly represent the American people, but in order to properly represent the American people, the entirety of us must engage directly with the system. In a representative democracy, there is nothing more powerful than the vote of each individual. Through your vote, you have the power to decide who holds office, what views and ideologies will represent all of us, and what direction this nation will take.

This responsibility spans all elections, whether they be local, state, or federal. In fact, down-ballot results are where true political change occurs. Local and state representatives are able to enact change that directly impacts you, and are often more efficacious than politicians at the federal level. Because of that, it is imperative to vote for these candidates as well, since they will represent your views as they attempt to make change in our society.