U.S. House of Representatives

Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is currently serving his first term as a United States Representative from Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional district. Representative Lewis is up for reelection in 2018. The 2017 session of the House of Representatives began on January 3rd.

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    • Government spending (taxes and borrowing included) is not the answer to restoring the economy or jobs
    • Cut taxes and regulations
    • Encourage capital formation in the US and not abroad by cutting regulations
    • Stop bailing out “big players” and make a “level playing field” for small/medium sized businesses
    • Cut federal spending
    • Reform the tax code by limiting exemptions and the creation of new tax brackets
    • Support the Tax Code Termination Act

  • Support free trade, but not the TPP in its current state
  • Export Minnesota agriculture

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Foreign Policy

    • Secure the border to prevent criminals and terrorists from infiltrating our communities

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Energy and Environmental Policy

  • Un-nationalize energy policy

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Gun Policy

  • Supports 2nd Amendment rights

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Healthcare and Welfare

    • Ensure quality healthcare to all veterans and reasonable severance packages

  • Undo the Affordable Care Act and allow individuals to buy policies across state lines
  • Protect Social Security and reduce $200 billion imbalance without raising taxes

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  • Find common ground with Democrats on issues related to work visas

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Women’s Rights

  • Pro-life

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Crime and Drug Policy

  • Support the Safe, Accountable, Fair and Effective (SAFE) Justice Act

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  • Reform schools by introducing merit pay, collective-bargaining reform, seniority rules changes, and school choice for children
  • Emphasize less expensive vocational and tech training
  • Oppose free college tuition
  • Oppose forgiving college debt for graduates working in government or non-profit professions

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