Special Election

On November 7, there will be a special election to elect a representative for the City Council’s At-Large seat. This will be a 1-year term, with another regularly-scheduled election occurring in November 2018. The seat is currently held by Greg Colby, who was appointed by the City Council to fill in until this special election could be called.

Residents can pre-register to vote before October 17. To do so, follow this link. Minnesota also has same-day registration. For more information on same-day registration, see here. Absentee ballots will also be accepted in this election, provided they arrive at City Hall before 4:45pm on November 6. For information on where to send absentee ballots, see here. You must be registered, whether pre- or same-day, in order to vote.

Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm on November 7. To find your polling location, see here.

There will be three candidates for the At-Large position: Greg Colby, Jon Denison, and Don McGee. Follow the links to see more information about each candidate.