Northfield’s Caucus System

Northfield’s Caucuses

Northfield uses a precinct caucus system. The city of Northfield is divided into 4 Wards, each with a number of Precincts housed within that Ward (to find which Precinct you live in, see this map). During the caucuses, individuals who reside in a certain precinct gather to caucus amongst themselves. After the caucus, each precinct reports its results to the county convener, who then reports it to the party state office. Delegates are allocated according to the party rules (proportional, hybrid, winner-take-all). 

There are four main activities at a caucus:

  1. Vote for your preferred Presidential candidate
    1. In Minnesota, this is done by ballot. It is entirely possible to go to the caucus location, register, submit a presidential preference ballot, and leave
    2. Results from the presidential preference voting determines how many delegates each candidate gets at the National Conventions in July
  2. Choose caucus leaders for the next two years
    1. Caucus leaders organize political meetings, maintain contact lists, and help with campaign efforts
  3. Discuss resolutions
    1. Anyone can promote a resolution or bring up an issue that is important to them. If the resolution is passed, it will go to the next political convention, with the potential to become part of the official party platform
  4. Choose delegates
    1. Delegates will endorse state and federal candidates. Choosing these delegates assures greater representation at the state and national conventions