MN Senate

Northfield lies in MN Senate District 20


Rich Draheim

| Economy | Agriculture | Gun Policy | Women’s Rights | Education |



  • Prioritize job creation
  • Grow main street economies
  • Reduce the regulatory burden on farmers and small business owners
  • Encourage investment in small business start-ups
  • Expand research and development tax credits
  • Eliminate job-killing regulations and government red tape
  • Reduce and reform state taxes
    • Cut taxes for Minnesota families and small business owners
    • Reform taxes to spur investment and savings
  • Over-taxation or poorly designed tax policy serves to hinder job growth and economic expansion
  • Increase health insurance flexibility for small businesses

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    • Champion initiatives to increase international trade of our farm commodities

  • Fight efforts to impose one-size-fits-all regulations on family farms
  • Roll back unworkable buffer strip mandates that hurt farm profitability.


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Gun Policy

  • Gun ownership is an individual right enshrined in the Constitution by the Founding Fathers
  • Stand up for gun owners and defend our hunting and outdoor heritage

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Women’s Rights

    • ProLife

  • Life begins at conception
  • Support legislation to protect life at all stages

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  • Rebalance education funding through fair taxation
  • Use common sense to reform our approach to education delivery and accountability
  • Support equitable, reliable funding for schools in south central Minnesota
  • Reduce unnecessary state-imposed K-12 mandates on school districts
  • Keep control of our schools in the hands of parents, teachers and local school boards – not bureaucrats from the Twin Cities

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