MN House of Representatives

David Bly

David Bly is currently serving his third consecutive term as a Minnesota Representative in District 20B of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Representative Bly is up for reelection in 2018. The 2017 session of the Minnesota House of Representatives began on January 3rd.

| Economy | Energy and Environmental Policy | Healthcare and Welfare | Crime and Drug Policy | Education |




    • Supports increased  investment in infrastructure, through the passage of bond issues

  • Supports the creation of renewable energy jobs with State incentives
  • Supports programs to provide economic security and to build an economy that works for everyone

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Energy and Environmental Policy


    • Supports incentives for fuel efficient vehicles, energy conservation, and renewable energy 
    • Supports higher standards and a cleaner quality of life

  • Believes in Government, business and farmer cooperation to protect the environment and develop new systems that can make sure business and farming remain profitable while maintaining a clean safe environment

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Healthcare and Welfare

  • Supports the MN Health Plan
  • Supports universal systems to assure all Minnesotans have access to health and well being

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Crime and Drug Policy

  • Supports criminal justice reform

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  • Supports increased expenditure in education
  • Supports sex education in schools
  • Comprehensive education reform plan
      • Birth to age 3: Nurse home visiting programs and Expanded access to quality child care
      • Pre-K (age 4) through grade 3: Social skills training; Quality half-day preschool, class size reduction; and Intensive focus on Identity, Inquiry, Interaction, Initiative, Imagination, Intuition, Integrity.
      • Grades 4 through 8: learner centered focus, multiple measures incorporating individual learning styles (including hands on, experiential and project based learning), intensive tutoring and social support (such as mentoring) In-school and out-of-school when needed
      • Grades 9 through 12: Individualized learning plans and exposure to wide variety of career and educational tracks 

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