Rhonda Pownell

Mayor Pownell serves on the following boards and commissions:

  • Economic Development Authority
  • Ice Arena Advisory Board
  • League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) Board of Directors, President
  • LMC Insurance Trust, Trustee
  • LMC Improving Service Delivery Policy Committee

Contact her at: | 507-663-1932

| Role of the Mayor | Parks and Public Services | Economy | Energy and Environmental Policy | Arts and Culture |


Role of the Mayor

  • Lead city government with civility and a commitment to listening and finding what works
  • Lead the City Council to work well together, to listen to everyone, and to intentionally plan for the future

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Parks and Public Services

  • Coordinate with City Council to develop a Strategic Plan, including police and fire facilities, streets, and sewer and water infrastructure
  • Protect Northfield’s parks and open spaces
  • Prepare parks and stormwater facilities for flooding 

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  • Promote an “economic gardening” plan that focuses on growing local businesses

  • Maintain a vibrant, healthy downtown
  • Provide expansion opportunities for existing businesses
  • Recruit companies that have synergies with existing businesses and community qualities

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Energy and Environmental Policy

  • Strategic Plan must include a communally supported environmental vision
  • Better maintain parks and open spaces, protect Northfield’s water, and develop renewable energy on the local level

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Arts and Culture

  • Protect and build the “culture of our community”–arts, music, history, and a vibrant downtown
  • Do more to take advantage of, and support, Northfield’s cultural diversity

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