Greg Colby

Greg Colby (incumbent) was appointed by City Council to replace Rhonda Pownell after she was elected Mayor in 2016. His current portfolio includes serving on the Finance Policy Subcomittee and the Mill Towns Trail Joint Powers Board. Colby previously served in City Council from 1995-1997. He is also a member of the Charter Commission (2017-present).

Colby is pleased about a number of actions taken by the City Council, including becoming a solar garden subscriber.  However, the improvement in City Council relations and how the Council operates may be its single best achievement.  But, he notes, there is more to do: connecting the city to the state’s cycling trail system, reviewing the city’s energy survey of its buildings and taking corrective action as well as implementing the city’s new Strategic Plan are essential. The Strategic Plan includes pursuing affordable housing, diversity equity & inclusion, climate change adaptation, economic development and operational effectiveness.