Mark Dayton (D)


| Legislative Goals |

Mark Dayton is the 40th Governor of Minnesota, serving in this role since 2011. Prior to being Minnesota’s Governor, he has served positions as Commissioner of the Minnesota Departments of Economic Development and of the Minnesota Department of Energy. He has also been a State Auditor and United States Senator. His legislative priorities as Governor include educational opportunity and economic growth.

Dayton recently signed a $35 million rural finance authority bill, ensuring that 74,000 farmers can continue to have access to affordable lending and financing.

Legislative Goals

Year of Water Action:

  • Educate Minnesotans about the challenges facing our water systems
  • Urge businesses, agriculture, and communities to conserve and improve water quality
  • Spend $167 million to help small cities improve water quality and spend $10 billion over the next 20 years statewide to maintain and upgrade water infrastructure
  • Prevent the Republican state congress from gutting previous environmental reforms

2017 Minnesota Jobs Bill:

  • Invest $1.5 billion statewide
  • Create 22,950 jobs
  • $35 million in support for farmers through the Rural Finance Authority
  • Improve warning systems at rail crossings and modernize oil transportation
  • $15 million for expanding school buildings without increasing property taxes on residents

Tax Relief:

  • Tax cuts for 450,000+ Minnesotans
  • Agricultural Property Tax Credit
  • Tax relief for teachers buying classroom supplies
  • 95,000 families would be eligible for child care cost relief